Community Contributions

Community Contributions

Pinzzeta contributes her organizational and financial resources to the community.

From day one the company’s employees and managers have taken active part in voluntary work inside the community and within these Charities:

The Allot charity – the National Association for autistic children.

The Horim Leyeladim charity – adolescence and adults diagnosed on the autism spectrum. The charity provides service and takes care of about 9000 families throughout the country.

The Be’atzmi charity – a charity that helps continuously unemployed men and women integrate in to a stable job which suits their qualifications and aspirations. Beazmi is a non-profit social, professional and skilled organization that has been operating for 18 years.

The Ruach Tova (good spirit) charity – Good deeds day

The Annual flagship project of the Good spirit charity, which is part of the Arison group, is “Good deeds day”. It has been held since the year 2007 and is currently the highlight of voluntary, community and  Environmental work. As part of Good Deeds Day, thousands of voluntary projects come to life throughout the country and each individual that is interested in doing good is invited to take part in the activity.