Our vision

Our vision

Pinzzeta was established after research done amongst Human Resources managers, recruiters and technological managers in High Tech companies. Our goal was to examine the main recruiting requirements of companies and conclude how we can improve already existing detection and recruitment processes. We have discovered that in the recruiting process, organizations usually have to deal with an abundant amount of CVs, that most of them don’t answer the job requirements and position criteria which takes away expensive resources, valuable time and generates a great deal of frustration. Additionally, numerous managers indicated that there is a constant shortage in strong technical candidates. Pursuant to the research, Pinzzeta’s vision was initiated - To maintain high quality candidates for all positions, to provide service which is targeted accordingly to the criteria and needs of each client and cater the clients in a professional, personal and discreet manner for both talents and employers as one.

Locating Candidates

Using our unique methods, we initiate locating of candidates whom finished their military service and have gone through tests and strict sorting procedures in elite technological units in the IDF, students and outstanding graduates from leading universities as well as executives and experienced talents who have held key positions in the High Tech industry. The professionalism and unique methods of Pinzzeta show in our ability to track the best and most suitable candidates, even those who are seeking a job in a passive discreet way.

Maximum Compatibility

Our work methodology puts an emphasis on matching the job description and position requirements to candidate's abilities, experience and ambitions. Putting aside the qualifications and formal demands of the position, through the process, we examine other important parameters such as the compatibility level of the candidate to the field of the business in which the company is in, the scale of the corporation, its organizational culture, its composition and size of the team in which it’s destined for.